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I'm taking part in the Pay it Forward Initiative. The first 10 people to comment with 'I'm in' will receive a gift from me at some point during this year. It could be tomorrow or it could be in 6 months or more, it's a surprise. It could be a drawing, points, or if you have a wishlist it could be something from that etc. could be anything. (If you have a wishlist let me know or I won't know about it haha).

If you're in then you also have to take part in this and post a journal about it.

1. xXFireFistAceXx 

Taken from xXFireFistAceXx 
I'm stupid in love by NightmareAura
I'm stupid in love
Alternatively, waiting is another good title

Just a random thing I started drawing while listening to music

still fiddling with black bloods and decided I'd make them a bit more obvious or different when compared with humans so that they could stand out more, so their ears are more elf like while their pupils have more of a strange pattern. Though I may shrink the ears a bit later.

Akumu belongs to me
Tohaku Region - Katerina profile by NightmareAura
Tohaku Region - Katerina profile

:bulletblack: Name: Katerina Blanc

:bulletyellow:Nicknames:  N/A Dislikes nicknames

:bulletblack:Species: Persian

<da:thumb id="440257948">

:bulletyellow:Age: 29 years old

:bulletblack:Birthday: 20th of August

 :bulletyellow:Nature: Impish

:bulletblack:Characteristic: Proud of it's power


:bulletyellow:Height: 6'4

:bulletblack:Weight:  86 kg


:bulletyellow:Gender: Female

:bulletblack:Sex: Female


:bulletyellow:Relationship Status: Single

:bulletblack:Sexuality: Straight

:bulletyellow:Job: Owner of Diancie Jewels


:bulletyellow:Level: 54

:bulletblack:Ability: Limber - Cures Pokémon of paralysis



:iconfairytypeplz: Play Rough

:icondarktypeplz: Pay Back

:iconnormaltypeplz: Pay Day

:iconnormaltypeplz: Protect



Serious :bulletyellow: Strong willed  :bulletyellow: Proud  :bulletyellow: Maternal  :bulletyellow: Loyal  :bulletyellow: Hot tempered


Katerina is a sophisticated and proud woman who takes great pride in her image of a refined and high class woman. While normally polite with everyone  she meets, she can be easily angered by small mistakes and isn't someone who is easily calmed when set off, never backing down from confrontation no matter how violent it becomes.  She takes all transactions very seriously and doesn't allow for slip ups in her staff, being a woman who's extremely hard to please in regards to work. Katerina has a strong work ethic and is a well known workaholic, often forgetting to take days off for weeks at a time. The build-up of stress at her job often taking a toll, making her seem less approachable and cold at times.


When outside of work she calms a bit and is more friendly and approachable during her rare days off. After reaching the height of her business she's become more maternal and has a soft spot for children, loving nothing more then to spoil them. While in no rush to have her own she does hate her birthdays and can become more emotional on the day. Her loyalty and friendship can be difficult to get, but once achieved she is loyal to the end.  Katerina is set in her ways and never forgets her ethics or friends, as well as never changing her mind when it's set on something and always finding a way to reach her desired outcome or goal.



Katerina was born in the Kalos region to a rich aristocratic family who had migrated there from the Kanto region a number of years ago. She grew up in a very strict and sheltered home life, being taught about both business and etiquette throughout her early life . The younger years of her life were spent being homeschooled, and she became very chubby during this time. It wasn't until she reached her teenage years and became more worried about her image that she began frantically working out to become more presentable to the public eye.

It was also during her older teenage years she began to grow interested in jewels, and in the process jewellery. Eventually using the knowledge she'd acquired from her tutors, she set off to develop a company to call her own. Her first company was small and was barley making any business, almost causing her to go bankrupt from the first year. With time however and a great deal of effort to fix her business, it slowly began to grow until it reached a point where her brand became widely known throughout the world for being of the finest quality and design. Allowing her to move and set up shop in a new region.



  • She adores children and wants some more then anything, because of this she gets depressed on her birthday as it's another year closer to being unable to have any.
  • Katerina speaks in a heavy French accent.
  • While incredibly difficult to get Katerina drunk normally, when given catnip she instantly becomes intoxicated.
  • Katerina find relief in smoking, and has become reliant on the bad habit.
  • She use to be overweight as a child, and because of this  won't show anyone old pictures of her. She also makes continuous trips to the gym and is very cautious of what she eats.
  • Her senses are extremely heightened and she can pick out odd things even in a crowded room.


:bulletyellow:Medical Notes:

  • Katerina has a sever phobia of dog Pokémon.
  • She occasionally has difficulty with her lungs because of smoking, but nothing life threatening as of yet.

I think I did this right? Been awhile haha

Might also redo this when I have more time, I'm not happy with the posing or proportion on Katerina, I hope she's alright though, any problems then let me know and I'll try to fix it up

Katerina belongs to me

Bradshaw twins by NightmareAura
Bradshaw twins
Nova/Raiden belong to me do not take or use without permission


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Aurora Nightz
I'm a 15 year old tomboy inspiring to get into a design job in just about anything. Please ignore my deranged behaviour or me not making sense.Coke fiend. by PixieRiot

I love my family or friends both online and off and I hope you'll forgive my selfish behaviour
Stolen from :iconcaptainjackdaw:

Name Sarah
Will you answer all questions truthfully Unless it poses a security risk then sure why not
Are you single Yes
Are you happy Absolutely
Are you bored Oh yeah all the time
Are you sad ➔ Not for awhile
Are you Italian No Italian sadly, though it would be cool
Are you German I have German blood in me yeah
Are you Asian Nope
Are you angry Only when I'm around/talking to an idiot
Are you Irish ➔ Also have some Irish blood in me
Are your parents still married Yes

Birth Place Queensland, Australia
Hair Color Golden brownish, blondish I don't have a clue
Eye color They told me to class it as Hazel but it changes from day to day, sometimes their blue others they're a mix of different colours. Commonly my eyes are light brown with a blue rim around my pupil though.
Birthday January 2nd
Mood Tired, that's a mood right
Gender Female
Lefty or Righty Righty
Summer or winter Summers the best time for everything fun
Morning or afternoon Afternoon, means the days almost over and I can sleep

Are you in love Nope
Do you believe in love at first sight Sure people get the hots for people from a distance all the time, nothing new. Wouldn't call it real love but eh.
Who ended your last relationship I wish I had a relationship once in my life
Have you ever been hurt Not really, I don't get hurt easily and honestly to lazy to care. I've got better things to do.
Have you ever broken someone's heart Maybe
Are you friends with your ex Never had an ex
Are you afraid of commitment ➔ Not afraid just not into it
Have you hugged someone within the last week? ➔ My Grandma and a uni mate but I'm not a hugger.
Have you ever had a secret admirer I have had/have quiet a few it seems
Have you ever broken your own heart? Is that even possible?

Love or lust neither? Both seem boring
Lemonade or iced tea Lemonade!
Cats or Dogs Dogs! I'm allergic to Cats
A few best friends or many regular friends I like having a few close friends but I enjoy having many regular friends to. It's not impossible to have both.
Television or internet Internet of course
Pepsi or Coke Coke! Specifically Vanilla
Wild night out or romantic night in I think I'd prefer to have a few close mates over for videogames and booze.
Day or night Night
IM or Phone Dunno what IM is and I only use my phone for internet sooooo I guess neither also?

Been caught sneaking out No, I'm a loving daughter who asks
Fallen off the stairs I pushed someone then fell down while laughing.
White water rafted Yes it was so fun!
Finished an entire jawbreaker ➔ Also did that 
Wanted something/someone so badly it hurt? Never
Prank called a store ➔ Nope
Skipped school I skipped a lot, was super good at faking sick. Some of the people there game me headaches and the criteria for learning was horrible. So I'd skip one or two days a week per year.
Wanted to disappear Only when I make a fool of myself

Smile or eyes Eyes all the way
Light or dark hair I have a thing for black hair
Fat or skinny Skinny
Shorter or Taller ? Eithers good, no complaints.
Intelligence or Attraction I have to say Attraction, but they have to be reasonably intelligent
Jock or Nerd Nerd and Jock are both good
Hook-up or Relationship I prefer relationships
Funny and poor OR rich and serious Fun and Poor, lifes not worth living if your not really living.

Last Phone Call Uhm. My mum I think
Last phone call you received Mum again
Last person you hung out with ➔ Uni mates while doing concept class, then my grandma.
Last thing you ate Pocky!
Last thing you drank ➔ Orange juice, but about to open vanilla coke so, after this it'll be that
Last site you went to Fanfiction
Last place you were Grandma's house.

Are you in a committed relationship No
When was your last relationship I've never had a real relationship in my life, and no I don't count a relationship with someone if your under the age of 12 when you have it.
Have you ever loved a guy/girl more than anything else in the world? Never
Do you still love them Never loved anyone so no
Do you like someone right now I'm interested in a lot of people, just no one who's ever single/likes me back

Do you and your family get along Yes, it's one of those Huggy really close families that pulls your friends in as a second home.
Would you say you have a "messed up life" No, A lazy good life, I'm extremely lucky
Have you ever run away from home I want to move out but money is short and jobs are impossible
Have you ever gotten kicked out I got kicked but not kicked out.
If so, how long Never

Do you secretly hate one of your friends  No, if I don't like you you damn well know it 
Do you consider all of your friends good friends Not all...some are just kinda there
Who are/is your best friend(s) I don't have best friends
Would you die for them I'd laugh at them, I'm a horrible person
Who knows everything about you Pretty much everyone I meet, I don't really care who knows what. I have nothing to hide.

I tag whoever wants to do it

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