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Aurora Nightz
I'm a 15 year old tomboy inspiring to get into a design job in just about anything. Please ignore my deranged behaviour or me not making sense.Coke fiend. by PixieRiot

I love my family or friends both online and off and I hope you'll forgive my selfish behaviour
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Thanks for doing this! Anything to say before we get started?
Nope, nothing I can think of. I'm just going to assume these questions are for characters and I'll be sticking to official NTR characters and information. For couples that are from forums and such, those aren't counted as cannon since I'd need to have a conversation with the people who own those characters first and disguise if their actually going to be paired in the story, and since the story doesn't revolve around love or romance I don't see the need to do that at present. 

Let’s start off with a basic question… Do you have any favourite character/s? 

Out of my characters? Possibly Brawl and Kuro though I enjoy the twins and Laniidae a lot also.

Which one/ones of your characters is naturally beautiful? 
Naturally I'd say Brawl would be the natural beauty followed closely by Akumu.
In contrast, which one/ones of your characters have to make themselves beautiful?
Laniidae has to make himself beautiful, takes a lot of time to get as fabulous as him.
Ah, how wonderful... But which one of your characters is most desired by others?
Brawl again is just that type of character

Does anyone hold a candle to them?
Out of my characters? I'm sure there's some that could keep up, but none I'll reveal yet
Screw fairest! Who is the smartest of them all? 
Holy would defiantly be most intelligent out of the group 
Uh dur... Who's not the sharpest tool in the shed?

Bill and Leon tie for this positions, they don't get hints very well
Who's read the most?
Tasumi Inko. ... I feel like a majority of people will be like "Who are all these Ink people?" Cause I draw 'more' of my gijinkas xD

Who’s the most active?
Most are the same amount of active, their pirates and marines they'll be running around like crazy trying to get things done

Can anyone sing?
Akumu and Mahwa tied for best singer, with a few other lesser characters based on singing to show up later

What about instruments?

The Tamai siblings can all play at least one instrument with big daddy playing a lot more of them

I have couple questions~ Who do you think will be getting married?
Ryuuhi defiantly is married already along with the obvious Quai and Kazuko. Akumu, Yoru and Laniidae would love to get married also, just not to each other. That would be a disturbing idea. Can't really say for the other characters since while they may get married if they find someone who wants to, they aren't that interested in the subject.

Any couples that don’t tie the knot?
Don't have many couples, I suppose theres a few hook ups haha

Who will grow old and grey together?
Who knows? things happen, it's the chance of life

Is there anyone that won’t grow old?
Of course many many characters won't be growing old.

How about kids? 
The official couples I have do have kids

Enough with the family stuff! Any characters with disabilities? 
Sync is blind and mute, though this was self done. I've given plenty of characters disabilities however.

One last question… what are the races of your characters?
Races vary from all over the world, there's to many to count.

Thank you again for doing this! Now.. Tag people! 
 No thank you, lazy

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